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            1. 通译园地

              【九届通译杯】大赛辅导-Writing 写作 1

               2019-09-16    通译翻译|同声传译

              大赛辅导-Writing 写作 1







              On the occasion of the opening ceremony of Chengdu international bookstore forum, the representative from British Council made a speech from the perspective of UK as the guest of honor of the forum.

              在方所举办的国际书店论坛的开幕式上,英国文化教育协会(British Council )的作为英国、本次活动的主宾国代表进行了发言。


                     进行这样一片发言稿的写作,首先应该明确发言人的身份,既英国文化教育协会(British Council ),这样的身份决定在发言稿的内容当中应该提及一些特定信息。同时开幕式活动的发言稿也会包括一些固定表达,如对主办方邀请的感谢,对大会成功的美好期望等等。因此在进行写作之前应该对写作的内容进行规划和预判,这一案例当中,可以确定合理的写作内容包括:

              l  Addressing the audience;

              l  Stating the identity of the speaker, making an introduction of the organization that he/ she represents;

              l  Expressing gratitude for the invitation;

              l  History between the organization and the forum if there is any;

              l  Content related to the forum, e.g. international book trade, international book fairs, British book export & import, the importance of books and literature, the trend of future industrial development, etc.;

              l  Wishes towards the forum and/ or future cooperation.


              范文(by Luo Jiali from British Council


              Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be here on behalf of British Council, and in my role as Minister for Culture and Education in the British Embassy.

              It is a great pleasure to see that the United Kingdom will be the Guest of Honor at the 2018 Chengdu International Bookstore Forum, hosted by Fangsuo Commune.

              The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. The role of the British Council is to establish friendly knowledge and understanding between the UK and the wider world.

              Since 2016, we have worked with Fangsuo Commune for the annual Chengdu International Bookstore Forum –as they brought to China key UK publishing and retail influencers. We have seen first-hand how Fangsuo has developed a professional forum into a major event, covering a wide-range of topics over 3 years. We are naturally please to see 5 UK delegates participating in the Guest of Honor program this year from the perspectives of UK bookshops, publishers and libraries.

               Having a wide array of UK representatives offers a great opportunity for our literary sectors to build connections – at a time when publishing is worth as much as 7.8 billion pounds in the UK economy. Along with international book fairs to create opportunities for publishers and retailers, there are 350 literary festivals that take place throughout the year, contributing the diverse and inspiring cultural landscape for both UK and international writers and readers.

              I was delighted that the topics of this year’s forum covers not only physical bookshop’s role in urban culture, but also future readers and new reading channels. We know UK and China’s publishing industries have a significant growth over 3 years, reflecting the reading market in younger generation –through both physical and digital platforms. The digital reading market in China hit 15.2 billion yuan and UK 543 million pounds in 2017. This phenomenal change provides more opportunities for younger generation to access and explore knowledge through printed copies and digital books, both in terms of literacy and creativity education.

              Literature is a significant cultural asset both in the UK and China. From ancient storytellers writing and translating books over centuries, to contemporary authors narrating and sharing on various platforms, the international connection and interaction continuously drive cross-cultural collaborations by respective literary traditions and development of new technologies.

              We were thrilled to see a recent increase in culture exchange events in the UK and China. Over 50 Chinese publishers participated in the 2018 London Book Fair and in the meantime 33 UK publishers attended Beijing International Book Fair as the largest delegation ever. It represents sustained exchanged between the two countries not only through imports and exports of books but also greater understanding of culture which bind people together and build dialogue. We are convinced more and more cultural events will take place in the two countries, generating conversations over the authors and stories enlightening us throughout the history, and undoubtedly inspirations to future writing and reading at a time of change and challenge in the global context.

              I would like to thank Mr. Mao Jihong, Founder of Fangsuo Commue, for the motivation he brings to the forum. I wish this event and discussions every success.